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Quit Damaging Your Knives! Sharpen Knives Like A Pro, With The Vipersharp Knife Sharpener!

Its Just Sharp's Proud to offer, the King of Knife Sharpeners!

After helping over 50,000 blades, it still achieves a 5 star rating!

The All American Ceramic Pro can take any beginner or pro and help them achieve incredible results in minutes!

With its unique base and design you can easily mount the base of your new professional knife sharpening system to your workbench or slide the system into a stone base. 
  • Knives: Chef knives of all kinds, Cleavers, and all Purpose Knives.
  •  Scissors: Sharpen all kinds of Scissors and Shears.
  • ​Tools: Put a new level of sharpness on all your chisels. 
  • Stop & Hone: When paired with our polished duo kit sold seperatly!

Your Price: $269.99

How It Works

Step 1: Mount to the base!

Step 2: Set the Angle!

Step 3: Insert Stones and Sharpen Away!

Mini Level available as an add on below 

Within Minutes You'll Be Sharpening Knives and All Your Tools To A Razors Edge 

All With The Confidence Of Being On The Cutting Edge.

Proudly 100% Designed, Manufactured, and Made in Utah, USA. 

What's Included

The Ceramic Pro Sharpening System

This Adjustable Angle Knife Sharpening System that has no equal! Having helped over 50,000 blades this custom patented design can take any dull knife and drive amazing results. Without a doubt this is the best knife sharpener on the market! 

Value: $168.95

Hard Sided Carrying Case

Keep your Vipersharp system safe in a hard sided case thats easy to carry, and easy to pack all while the soft foam keeps your system padded and ready to go! Keep your knife sharpener safe and ready to go!

Value: $28.97

The 5 Piece Ceramic whetstones!

You get the very best in ceramic sharpening stone kits, from 80 to 1200 grit for every kind of tool you have!
  • 80 Grit: For your seriously dull knives. 
  • 220 Grit: To help flatten out burrs and chips that happen in normal use of your tools. 
  • 400 Grit: The bridge to even better results!
  • 600 Grit: For normal sharpening and transitioning to 1200 grit. 
  • 1200 Grit: Perfect for getting your knife to a top condition. 
Plus each knife sharpener comes with a strop to help you get your honing done!

Value: $76.99

Bonus Tools To Help Get The Job Done!

The Vipersharp knife sharpener comes with patented designs, stone holding kits and a special connector to hold the allen keys when you're sharpening. It's truly the tools you never knew you needed!

Value: $23.96

Shipping and Taxes on Us! 

We don't want you to have to worry about extra shipping or taxes, so we're covering it. No extra fee's, the price on the page is what you pay for any of our knife sharpeners! 

Value: $37.75

Automatic Enrollment In Sharp VIP

We want to make sure you get the sharpest results. So we're giving you exclusive access to our Sharp VIP Program. 
  • Problem Resolution: If you're experiencing problems with sharpening your tools, knives, or anything else we'll get our experts to help. Send us a picture and description of the problem and we can get you help from a real human for your custom situation. 
  • 10% Off: We give our VIP members 10% off follow on purchases to include new sharpening stones and levels! 
  • Exclusive Deals: We run secret deals for our Sharp VIP members through the year. We even have ones planned where VIP's get exclusive first access or 95% off! 

Value: $26.05

BONUS: The Its Just Sharp CUSH-P Method

To make sure that you get the absolute best out of your experience we're including our CUSH-P Method to help you get results every time! This is the official checklist used by the Its Just Sharp sharpening coaches and concierges! 

VALUE: 19.95

Total Value: $382.62!

Yours for $269.99! Over $112 Off!

The It's Just Sharp Guarantee

Buy feeling confident with our no hassle return guarantee. 

If you are not satisfied with your product, simply let us know within 60 days of delivery of your product and we'll issue you a full refund. No hassles, we want to make sure you love your order!

Praise for Its Just Sharp 

Warren W. 

I was viewing a YouTube video by Survival Lilly and she was demonstrating the It's Just Sharp knife sharpener.... It was intuitive to put together and in no time I was sharpening.... I had been using a different sharpener for years but when I used the It's Just Sharpener I was amazed at how easy and also how quickly I was able to sharpen the knives. I have never had them as sharp using my old sharpener.... After I sharpened the kitchen knives I brought out a number of my other knives. I like to collect knives. Everything from bushcraft to carving knives and everything in between. So I have a lot to maintain. I no longer dread sharpening. In fact I will be going through my entire collection.

Cameron H. 

I dont usually buy of Facebook, but this really surprised me! This sharpener has such a unique thing with it. It's entertaining to use, works very good and in a weird way it's like you say: Knife therapy. Both for me and the knifes haha. Very happy. cheers!

Ernst P. 

Wow I'm in love. I have been getting WAY better results than I thought, these are RAZOR SHARP. It's almost scary. The sharpening process is fun and satisfying as well! Just order a new pair of better stones and I'm very excited.

Get Your Sharpener Now!

Real quick, can we help you to get even better results?

When it comes to sharpening, we've seen some great results turning dull knives into a razor edge. We've also gotten the opportunity to help others fix some mistakes, usually that comes from not having the right angle when you're sharpening. Thats where our mini level comes into play. Make sure you always have the right angle for any edge!
Here's What You'll Get:
  • The Sharpening system taking the world by storm. VALUE: $168.95
  • Hard Sided Carry Case. VALUE: $28.97
  • Ceramic Whetstone kit: VALUE: 76.99
  • Bonus Tools: VALUE: 23.96
  • We Cover Taxes + Shipping: VALUE: $37.75
  • Automatic Enrollment in Sharp VIP: VALUE: 26.05
  • The Its Just Sharp CUSH-P Method: VALUE: 19.95

Total Value: $382.62!

You Save $112.63!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this the best knife sharpener for me?
A: In most cases, yes! We really believe this is the right knife sharpener for the vast majority of people. If you need further help deciding reach out to us at our concierge line and we'd be happy to help you pick the right set up for you!
Q: Can this work on my chef's knife?
A: Yes, we've used this system on chef's knives, pocket knives, tools and more and it achieve incredible results like a razors edge. 
Q: Will any sharpening stone fit in this system?
A: Due to its patented design, only Vipersharp stones will fit into this system to ensure that you get the highest quality equipment and the best performance every time. 
Q: Can this sharpen a serrated knives?
A: This system could help you to sharpen a serrated knife however most likely you'll need a specialty tool. You can read our article on it here. 
*All reviews are real from real people. We have not edited any review except to shorten for clarity and spacing. Images have been edited or changed to protect personal privacy. 
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